Gift cards next year…

I just got back from a mini trip to my mother’s. She lives out of state (about a 7 hour drive) and I went there, with full intentions, to assist her with her preparations of the holidays. No computers, no phones, no interruptions. Just the two of us. Shopping, wrapping, decorating in the hustle and bustle of the holidays. And for 3 days, that’s exactly what we did.

But on the drive home (and next time I will fly), I couldn’t help but feel that we actually missed the point a little. In the hustle and bustle, we didn’t take any time to relax and enjoy. Just rush, rush, rush. Shop and wrap. It all got done. And I know she appreciates the help. But, still. Would she have been better served to just buy gift cards and save the time? Or at least limit who she buys for? Would we have been better served if we could have actually sat and talked over coffee in the morning? Or took a leisurely stroll through the park to see the lights?

And then I thought about it some more. Our entire lives have been a hustle and bustle. We never sit over coffee in the morning because there’s always too much to do. And we haven’t ever had time to stroll through the park (at a leisurely pace) to see the lights. And not just over the holidays; it is like that every day. (Although, the lights are just at holiday time, but you get the point.)

I’m back home, preparing for our holidays here. And I am making every effort to ensure that my children and I stop and chat over coffee between the hustle and bustle of the holidays. I must admit, I really like taking our time and enjoying the holiday instead of just preparing for it…Next year, mom is going to see the difference. She is getting gift cards or limiting who she buys for. Maybe even both.




Turn Around

Though we’ve never touched and never felt

What each other has to give

Though we don’t know what kind of life

Either of us has lived

Though she’s the one that holds you

In a very special way

Though she’s the one that’s on your mind

Each and every day

I go on dreaming that one day

You will turn around

And look at me and see in me

What no one else has ever found

© Copyright 2013, Regan Phillips.


Just like a rose unfolds its’ petals

My love unfolds for you

And if you ever look in my eyes

You will see that this is true

For I am not the type of person

It takes to be so bold

So if you choose to look away

My love will go untold

© Copyright 2013, Regan Phillips.


Christmas has passed

Your birthday then mine

Holidays and occasions

All wrapped up in time

The anger has ceased

And I’m no longer scared

Yes fear had set in

When you were no longer there

The hurting is gone

At least for know

When there is a will

There is a way somehow

So live your life

Love well and be free

Time can do anything

It even healed me

© Copyright 2013, Regan Phillips.


Your friendship

Has gotten me through

Some very hard times

Your honesty

Has helped me to realize

Who I really am

Your trust

Allowed me count on you

When I didn’t know where to turn

Your laughter

Let the tears

That burned my eyes, cease

Your understanding

Knew what to say to me

And when to just leave me alone

But most of all,

Your love

Has given me the strength to get me through today

And let me count on should I fall again tomorrow

© Copyright 2013, Regan Phillips.


The blade was thin, the point was sharp

The cut went deep within my heart

Twisting and turning all around

Spilling my blood as I fell to the ground

My breaths were slow and I opened my eyes

Too shocked to even utter a cry

For when I opened my eyes to see

You were holding the dagger instead of me

© Copyright 2013, Regan Phillips


Crystal clear

Quite small in size

Holds a lot of hurt

In one’s eyes

A lot of sorrow

Ready to show

You can feel it burning

As you let it go

Travelling down

You feel the pain in your heart

Then it drops off your cheek

As you slowly tear apart

It is all quite simple

This thing called a tear

Quite small in size

And crystal clear

© Copyright 2013, Regan Phillips

New Day

Where to go and what to do

Oh my friend I was just like you

Reaching for stars with feet off the ground

Reality always knocking you back down

Riding that horse; you think you’ve won

But he’ll make you fall before you’re done

Old dreams die and new ones begin

No one really cares about where you’ve been

Doesn’t matter how many times you fall

All that counts is getting there at all

It’s only dirt, mixed with sweat and tears

Washes away just like the years

Use time wisely; what’s done is done

Don’t live in the past; a new day has begun

Take hold, squeeze it, let the juice run down

Today is a new day and there is a new life to be found

© Copyright 2013, Regan Phillips

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